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Please note: Service sheets which require a proof copy will require a longer lead time to produce and may be subject to an additional charge. A 24-hour service may incur an extra charge depending on work required.

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How many should I order?

This is always one of the most difficult questions. Taking into consideration the members of your family who will be present, there is never any certainty as to how many additional copies you may need for relatives, friends and colleagues who may attend.

It is worth considering ordering slightly more than you think you may need given that there will always be people who will not be able to attend the service. It can be a nice gesture to send an Order of Service as a memento of the day for those who will inevitably be made aware after the service.

It has been known for us to receive requests for additional copies of the service sheets several months after the event. With this in mind, unless otherwise requested, we keep your service sheets on our files for a minimum of two years from the date of the service for you to be able to order reprints at any time.

Please note - there is no minimum order quantity. The prices will be adjusted should you require a specific quantity not shown in our guide.

Prices quoted which include photographs are for a maximum of three images.

Additional photographs required will be charged

at £1.50 extra per image.

Service sheets are printed onto a standard white

350 gsm card to a finished size, folded, of A5

(210 mm x 148 mm).

For service sheets on coloured card or to a larger size add 25% to prices.

NB: This would be a special order and is schedule permitting

For an additional ‘online flipbook’ version add £7.50

For an ‘online flipbook’ only (no printed copies) £25.00

Prices as at 01.09.22 but may be subject to change should material costs increase